modular equipment fabricator in Dubai

What is a Modular Process Skid for Oil and Gas Industries

A modular skid, also known as a modular process skid, is a self-contained process system that includes equipment, piping, and instrumentation. This is essentially a machine-in-a-box concept. Many organizations choose the modular skid design, which lowers project time and enhances profit, to eliminate delays caused by extended lead times of equipment, on-site fabrication, and back-and-forth […]

Storage tank manufacturers in UAE

What Are The Common Environmental Problems With Underground Storage Tanks

MEFAB is known as one of the best storage tank manufacturers in UAE, specializing in underground storage tanks (USTs) and fabricated storage tanks. The company’s modern infrastructure facility comprises tech manufacturing units, quality testing centers, packaging, marketing, and sales departments. Our company constantly upgrades the manufacturing plants so that our products, including underground storage tanks, […]

pressure vessel manufacturer in UAE

Types of Pressure Vessels Used in Oil and Gas

Pressure vessels play a crucial role in various industries in the UAE, providing containment for substances under high pressure. MEFAB is known as the most reputable pressure vessel manufacturer and fabricator in the UAE which ensures high standards of quality and safety. Pressure vessels are crucial components in numerous industries, providing the necessary containment for […]

pressure vessel manufacturer in UAE

How to Ensure Safety in Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels are essential in a variety of industries, from chemical plants to oil refineries, and their safe operation is critical. These vessels are built to handle enormous pressures, yet they can be dangerous if not properly protected. In this article, we will look at the critical safety standards for pressure vessels, emphasizing their importance […]

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