We use our in-house multi-disciplinary engineering capability to make sure that our chemical injection systems are designed following client specifications. Also, we ensure that our injection systems achieve the least maintenance level. Our high-quality Chemical Injections Systems usually have negligible complaints. Our experts at Mefab, the top chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE, will be able to provide Chemical Injection Packages that are not only manufactured per demand but also have unmatched durability and quality owing to our expertise..We have successfully completed countless projects for various industries using our engineering understanding and smart production tactics.

High-quality Chemical Injection Systems

We are a well-established chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE who builds and develops Chemical Injection Packages for specialized uses in the chemical, oil, and gas sectors.

Chemical Injection Systems that offer high-performance

We create premium Chemical Injection Packages that are built specifically for each customer’s requirements. Additionally, our products have unmatched durability and quality.

Reliable Chemical Injection Packages

Our chemical injection systems can be employed on offshore sites in extremely cold or hot situations. We design products that adhere to both your requirements and global standards.

MEFAB Chemical Injection Packages

The most comprehensive chemical injection package on the market is none other than our flagship product. Every last aspect has been closely examined to ensure that the system is user-friendly and meets client expectations. Just connect the tube and turn it on, that’s all it takes! Our authentic backup containment prevents leaks from the pump and fittings onto the ground. Mefab, the best chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE, offers a further guarantee that rain or blizzard won’t cause the containment to spill nor require environmental remediation.

Key features of our Chemical Injection package include:-

  • Design in line with client specifications, applications, standards, and design guidelines
  • Choosing pumps based on the process parameter.
  • Material selection will take chemical compatibility into account.
  • Use of verified system parts
  • Design validation
  • Guaranteed System Performance
  • After-sale system support
How We Do It

Mefab creates any chemical injection package in accordance with customer specifications and in compliance with various industry standards. Our chemical injection kits include a metal platform with one or more tanks holding the item to be injected, one or even more dosage pumps to source the flow, multiple instruments to screen tank levels, monitor the flow, and regulate it, as well as local or remote surveillance of the various process variables.

The injection pump types used in the chemical injection packages can be plunger or diaphragm. These pumps provide a choice of electric, air, or gas-powered motors. The packages also include instrumentation, valves for the suction and discharge lines, and a multi-compartment tank. A variable pump stroke length or a frequency drive of the (electric) motor can change the rate at which chemicals are injected.

Chemicals are pumped into the system to prevent scale formation and protect the mechanical integrity of the system from accelerated corrosion. Other objectives include controlling oxygen-induced corrosion, reducing wax production, employing an emulsion breaker to swiftly and sharply split water from oil, purifying water, odorizing it and controlling foam.

Why We Do It

Chemical Injection is an embedded set used to dose and inject different chemicals into separate pipelines under different circumstances. This aids in boosting output, lowering corrosion, and streamlining the procedure in the oil and gas sector. Due to financial and environmental considerations, the dosage method must be extremely accurate.

Applications for chemical injection pump kits span a wide range of chemical varieties. The design and its metallurgy are altered depending on the flow/pressure requirements as well as the different chemicals employed. Hence, it must adhere to strict specifications, and the application in issue typically requires bespoke designs. The majority of these applications involve injecting very small volumes of chemicals into the wellhead to protect the manufacturing operations. Additionally, the petrochemical industry makes use of these containers. Mefab, a leading chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE that focuses on the oil and gas industry, uses innovation to produce all of our different chemical injection kits.

Our multidisciplinary technical capabilities help us ensure that our chemical injection systems are created in accordance with client requirements. Additionally, we make sure that our injection systems require the least amount of maintenance. We construct our chemical injection packages as follows:

  • In accordance with client requirements
  • Suitable for corrosive, hazardous, or viscous liquids
  • Water treatment and topside chemical injection for subsea
  • Fully integrated unit with electrical and instrumentation parts as well as tanks, pumps, pipelines, valves, and fittings.
  • Simple maintenance and accessibility

With us, from the first concept to the finished edifice, everything is available from a single source. We design skids and packages and incorporate processing with our project management team and manufacturing facilities in compliance with your specifications and international standards.

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What Makes Us Stand Out


Mefab has offered various solutions for continuous, efficient chemical injection for many years. Hence, we are renowned as the top chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE and have worked on engineering packages for offshore drilling platforms, subsea production storage and unloading, floating liquefied natural gas vessels, onshore petrochemical and chemical production plants, and many other types of facilities.

As a result, we are featured as vendors on the websites of numerous significant engineering, operating, and production firms. Our international reach enables local and regional expertise to be more accessible to your project.


In order to produce a bespoke system for your most difficult challenges, the best chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE, Mefabcan provide turn-key engineering services. After reviewing your technical requirements, upon performing a task of in-depth cost estimation, we can develop and manufacture:

✓ Integrated systems for dosing and mixing that are prepared to be deployed on-site which include automation and control

✓Specifically developed dosing pumps that are in line with your needs for certain applications

✓ Agitators and mixers made specifically for your purpose.

Mefab can perform a variety of tasks in addition to developing and producing a perfectly constructed chemical injection package, such as:

  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Packaging design
  • Pump and component manufacturing and testing
  • Support with technical aspects of commissioning

Speak with the leading chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE, Mefab, to find out how we can help you.

Successful completion of projects within deadlines

Using our engineering expertise and efficient production, we have completed numerous projects for several industries.

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