Being the leading chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE, MEFAB constructs high-performance, reliable chemical injection packages. From the initial sketch to the completed system, you get everything done by one of the best engineering companies in UAE. We Manufacture skids and packages that meet internal standards. 

One of the primary concerns of all industries is increasing production efficiency. Every piece of equipment, time, and manpower costs money, and efficiency in all departments increases the organization’s production value. Downtime, maintenance, and repair costs, among other things, must be offset by increased output. It is critical in the oil and gas industry and one that is constantly being developed and improved.

Chemical Injection Packages are used by oil and gas companies to increase production, reduce corrosion, separate oil/gas/water, and improve the profitability of all exploration and recovery efforts.

What Is Chemical Injection?

A Chemical Injection process involves the introduction of specialised chemicals into an oil and gas flow stream or reservoir to perform specific processes. The specialised chemicals can be injected into the produced oil and gas flow stream from the wellhead or downhole through an annulus into the oil and gas reservoirs.

Why is chemical injection systems important?

Chemical injection packages are critical in both onshore and offshore production and are typically a continuous and critical process. The chemical injection packages used in production inject a specialised chemical into the flow stream or reservoir to accomplish a specific task and achieve a specific result. In general, the process’s increased efficiency allows for higher production rates, liquid separation, reduced corrosion, and overall improved profitability of exploration and recovery activities.

Chemical injection packages have been a critical factor in increasing profitability due to a variety of factors. They provide hydrate inhibition to prevent freezing in the production line, they enable crude oil/water/gas separation, they remove deposits of salt, wax, and other minerals that cause a decrease in production, they prevent corrosion, and they can be monitored and controlled through the instrumentation panel and diagnostic software to monitor performance. When all of these factors and benefits are considered together, the chemical injection system gains significant value and becomes indispensable.

The Advantages of Chemical Injection in Oil and Gas

Using a chemical injection system to aid in oil and gas recovery has several advantages, including: 

  • Cost-effectiveness 
  • Portability 
  • Instrumentation and safety shutdown valves protect operators and machinery while reducing repair downtime. 
  • Safe deployment in potentially hazardous environments 
  • Simple installation and upkeep

What makes MEFAB  the best chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE?

We use our multidisciplinary engineering capability in-house to ensure that our chemical injection systems are designed per client specifications. In addition, we make certain that our injection systems require the least amount of maintenance. Our high-quality Chemical Injections Systems typically receive few complaints. 

Because of our expertise, our experts at Mefab, the leading chemical injection skid manufacturer in the UAE, will be able to provide Chemical Injection Packages that are not only manufactured to order but also have unrivalled durability and quality. Using our engineering understanding and smart production tactics, we have completed countless projects for various industries.

Mefab, the best chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE, also guarantees that rain or blizzards will not cause spillage or require environmental remediation.

What Makes Us Stand Out


Mefab has offered various solutions for continuous, efficient chemical injection for many years. Hence, we are renowned as the top chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE and have worked on engineering packages for offshore drilling platforms, subsea production storage and unloading, floating liquefied natural gas vessels, onshore petrochemical and chemical production plants, and many other types of facilities.

As a result, we are featured as vendors on the websites of numerous significant engineering, operating, and production firms. Our international reach enables local and regional expertise to be more accessible to your project.


To produce a bespoke system for your most difficult challenges, the best chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE, Mefabcan provides turn-key engineering services. After reviewing your technical requirements, upon performing a task of in-depth cost estimation, we can develop and manufacture:

✓ Integrated systems for dosing and mixing that are prepared to be deployed on-site which include automation and control

✓Specifically developed dosing pumps that are in line with your needs for certain applications

✓ Agitators and mixers made specifically for your purpose.

Mefab can perform a variety of tasks in addition to developing and producing a perfectly constructed chemical injection package, such as:

  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Packaging design
  • Pump and component manufacturing and testing
  • Support with technical aspects of commissioning

Components of a Chemical Injection System

The system is made up of various parts that are assembled on a skid for portability and operational functionality. 

  • Metering pumps are used to precisely and accurately pump chemicals into the flow stream or reservoir while maintaining the required back pressure. In terms of the package’s requirements, it could be a continuous or intermittent process. 
  • The heart of the system is the instrumentation and control panels, which monitor and control the systems. The system monitors all critical parameters such as pump flow rate, discharge pressure, temperature, pulsation, and so on.
  • Chemical injection storage tanks are vessels that hold the vital chemical solutions that will be injected. It is a critical component of the system and is built by the available space, specifications, and applicable standards. 
  • Piping and valves on the suction and discharge sides are used to transfer chemicals to the system via the pipes. Ball valves, check valves, gate valves, and other piping network components are all part of the system. 
  • The system is mounted on a skid for portability and site operational compatibility. While the system is operational, the skid also provides structural strength.

Future of chemical injection systems:

The most recent advancements and engineering are focused on improving the performance of chemical injection packages by minimising size and maximising performance, resulting in significantly higher system efficiency. The smaller size will help it to be more suitable for space-constrained locations, as well as reduce maintenance time and cost. Chemical injection packages are a true boon to the oil and gas industry’s expansion. As the leading chemical injection skid manufacturer in UAE, we are staying ahead of the technology to bring new methods and tools to the industry which helps us to provide more quality products. 

Successful completion of projects within deadlines

Using our engineering expertise and efficient production, we have completed numerous projects for several industries.

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