Proper piping is known to be the arteries of industrial processes. Proper alignment and manufacturing can ensure the smooth processing of industrial processes. With MEFAB,  the most prominent steel fabrication company in UAE that can assure you the manufacturing of maximum standard piping systems. With our satisfied service, we are one of the best pipe manufacturing companies in the UAE. A piping system is a network of pipes, fittings, and valves designed to carry or transfer fluids from one piece of equipment to another. Being one of the best pipe manufacturers in UAE, MEFAB works towards bringing a successful piping system to the oil & gas industry.  

In the oil and gas industry, piping is a network of pipes used to transport liquids and gasses from one location to another. An Industrial Piping System includes all of the materials and tools required to build a complete piping system. Regarded as the best steel pipe manufacturers in UAE, we construct the piping system to have a direct impact on its quality. Being the best pipe manufacturers in UAE, we consider all options and factors that will influence the piping material selection process.

Mefab also has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals committed to providing outstanding customer service. The company’s experts collaborate closely with customers to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions.

Mefab is the best piping system manufacturer in the UAE due to its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service. Its advanced technology, skilled workforce, and diverse product offering make it a dependable and trusted partner for all piping system needs.


How to select the right piping system?

Type: Being the best pipe manufacturers in UAE, we enquire to our customers about the type of liquid or gas that their piping system will transport is critical in selecting piping materials. Some piping materials are better suited for non-corrosive liquids such as oils, whereas corrosive liquids such as acids require a piping system with an interior that can withstand the hardness of corrosive materials. Being the best ss pipe fabricator in UAE, we know the right kind of material that meets your requirements. 

Temperature: Known as one of the best pipe manufacturing companies in UAE, we are well aware of the factor that is important in deciding which piping system to use. You must ensure that your piping system is made of high-temperature piping materials. When transporting a high-temperature fluid. Certain types of plastic piping systems are not suitable for transporting hot liquids. As the best stainless steel fabricator in the UAE, we manufacture piping materials designed to handle fluids regardless of temperature. Metal pipe materials are suitable for high-temperature liquids, but some may become too hot to handle. It is critical to note that the piping material you choose must support these temperatures and keep them stable throughout the liquid transfer process, which makes MEFAB undoubtedly one of the best pipes fabricator in UAE. 

The transported liquid’s pressure: What is the pressure of the fluids handled by your piping system? If the fluid pressure is very high, you will need a piping material with high strength, greater thickness, or a piping system designed to withstand high-pressure fluids. If your piping system is working with high-pressure liquids, you may need to request a piping material designed to handle such fluids. Being one of the best pipe manufacturing companies in UAE, we manufacture piping systems according to your liquid pressure. MEFAB is one of the trusted pipe manufacturers in UAE, whom you can rely on for all your piping needs. 


External Elements Exposed

Piping systems are invariably exposed to the elements. External elements can be found both inside and outside. Corrosive fumes in the air, humid conditions, and mould can all cause external corrosion and other problems indoors. Seawater salt, weather, plant overgrowth, and other factors all contribute to external corrosion and damage to piping systems. If any part of your piping system is exposed to the elements, you’ll need piping material that can withstand them. As one of the well-known pipe manufacturing companies in UAE, we focus on manufacturing piping systems that can promote safety and can withstand harsh elements. 

Valve and Fitting Dimensions: When surfing for the best steel pipe manufacturers in UAE, keep in mind that certain piping materials only have a limited range of valve and fitting sizes. The type of connection required (as well as the connection of the pipes to other components of the piping system) determines the type of valves and fittings required for your piping system. 

While looking for the best ss pipe fabricator in UAE, it is important to select a manufacturing company that doesn’t destroy the environment and the surrounding. MEFAB, being the most reliable stainless steel fabricator in UAE, make our manufacturing process less harmful to the environment and the surrounding. 


Why is MEFAB known as one of the best pipes fabricator in UAE? 

Determine pipe requirements & routing: The pipe requirements and routing process used by Mefab ensures that the resulting piping systems are tailored to the needs of their clients while meeting all project specifications and requirements. As the leading stainless steel pipe fabricator in UAE, we help our customers in selecting the appropriate materials and fitting types, as well as ensuring the proper tolerances are met for a perfect fit. Their approach ensures that their customers receive cost-effective and on-time piping systems that are efficient and reliable.

Prepare isometrics: Mefab prepares isometrics using cutting-edge technology and software. This ensures that the isometrics are accurate and that they can be easily modified if necessary. Mefab’s experienced team of engineers and technicians collaborate closely with customers to ensure that the isometrics meet their specific needs and requirements.

Manufacture as per specification: Mefab is the leading stainless steel pipe fabricator in UAE. Our piping systems are customized to meet the needs and specifications of customers. The company takes pride in producing high-quality piping systems that are built to last and meet the highest industry standards. Mefab has a long history of delivering high-quality piping systems that are dependable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient.

NDT of weld joints and hydrates spools: The NDT services provided by the company are critical in ensuring the quality of weld joints in piping systems. Mefab, being one of the best pipe manufacturing companies in UAE, can identify defects or weaknesses in welds using non-destructive testing techniques without causing damage to the material or structure. This helps to prevent leaks, failures, and other issues that could jeopardize the piping system’s integrity.

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